Welcome to the Afterlife
The golden ticket isn't so golden anymore. You're dead. Congratulations. The happy life of candy and sweets has brought you to a sort of limbo where you cannot rest but only observe the despair that awaits.

Shiori had watched during the buffet, slightly annoyed that they hadn’t wouldn’t be able to get any actual food themself. Sure they didn’t need to eat any longer but after so long with a diet consisting only of sweets a change would definitely be nice even if they weren’t hungry at all. Really the only way that this new lack of need for food or sleep was they could work twenty-four seven but now that they were dead and all that wasn’t really an option. They sighed, deciding to stay away from the food for the time being.

Soon though they weren’t quite so envious of the current survivors as the new motive was announced.



Really there was no point in questioning it as the only people who could hear them had just as much idea what’s going on as they did. Though soon the question was rendered moot as the effects for some were rather quickly, a few people actually seeming unable to move.

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